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    30357 Yamaha	1S4-E3440-00
    30357 Yamaha	1S4-E3440-00


    HIFI-FILTER SO 6978 HIFLOFILTRO HF140 Husqvarna 8000H4235 K&N FILTER KN-140 RYCO RMC114 Yamaha 1S4-E3440-00 Yamaha 38B-E3440-00 Yamaha 5D3-13440-00 Yamaha 5D3-13440-01 Yamaha 5D3-13440-02 Yamaha 5D3-13440-09 Yamaha 5D3134400000 Yamaha 5D3134400900
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    Gas Gas Motorcycle
    EC250 F 4T  12-15
    EC250 F Six Days  12-15
    EC300 F 4T  13-15
    EC450 F 4T  13-15
    Husqvarna Motorcycle
    SMR125 4T  12
    SMS4 125 4T  11-13
    TE125 4T  11-13
    Yamaha ATV
    YFM250 R-X,Y,Z,A,B,D Raptor  08-13
    YFM250 RSE-X,Y Raptor SE  08-09
    YFM250 RSE2-Y Raptor SE2  09
    YFM250 RSP-A Raptor SE  11
    YFM250 R Raptor SE Custom  08
    YFZ450 W,X,Y,Z,A,B,D  07-13
    YFZ450 R-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J,K  09-19
    YFZ450 YSXL-L YFZ450R  20
    YFZ450 YSXL-M YFZ450R  21
    YFZ450 RSE-W,X,Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J,K Special Edition  07-19
    YFZ450 YSS-LM/R YFZ450R Special Edition  20
    YFZ450 YSS-M YFZ450R Special Edition  21
    YFZ450 X-Z,A  10-11
    YFZ450 XSE-A SE  11
    YFZ450 XBB-Z Bill Ballance Edition  10
    YFZ450 SE2-W Special Edition2  07
    YFZ450 BB-W Bill Ballance Edition  07
    Yamaha Motorcycle
    MT125 (ABS)5D7 15-19
    MT125 (ABS)  20
    YZF-R125 A ABSBR6 15-18
    YZF-R125 A ABSB5G 19-20
    WR250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E5UM,1HB,1HC 09-14
    WR250 F-F,G,H,J,K3GB 15-19
    WR250 F-L  20
    WR250 F-M  21
    WR250 F-N1  22
    WR250 R-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F,G,H,J32D1/5/B 09-18
    WR250 R-K,L  19-20
    WR250 X-Y,Z,A,B,D,E,F32D2/6/C 09-15
    XT250 Y,YC,Z,ZC,A,AC,B,BC,D,DC,E,EC,F,FC,G,GC,H,HC,J1,J1C,K1,K1C.L1,L1C,M,MC  09-21
    XT250 N  22
    YBR2505D1 08-12
    YZ250 F-Y,Z,A,B,D  09-13
    YZ250 F-E,F,G,H,J  14-18
    YZ250 F-K,L  19-20
    YZ250 F-M  21
    YZ250 F-N  22
    YZ250 F-MME Monster  21
    YZ250 F-NME Monster  22
    YZ250 F-GY 60th Anniversary Edition  16
    YZ250 FX-F,G,H,J  15-19
    YZ250 FX-L1,M  20-21
    YZ250 FX-N  22
    WR450 F-Y,Z,A,B,D,E.F5TJ,1HB,1DX 09-15
    WR450 F-G,H,J  16-18
    WR450 F-K  19
    WR450 F-L  20
    WR450 F-M  21
    WR450 F-N  22
    YZ450 F-Y34P 09
    YZ450 F-Z,A,B,D33D 10-13
    YZ450 F-E,F,G,H1SL 14-17
    YZ450 F-J,K  18-19
    YZ450 F-L  20
    YZ450 F-M  21
    YZ450 F-N  22
    YZ450 F-MME Monster  21
    YZ450 F-NME Monster  22
    YZ450 F-G 60th Anniversary Edition  16
    YZ450 FX-F,G,H,J  15-18
    YZ450 FX-K  19
    YZ450 FX-L  20
    YZ450 FX-M  21
    YZ450 FX-N  22
    Yamaha Scooter
    YP125 R X-Max2DM 15-17
    YP125 RA X-Max ABS  15-19
    YP125 X-Max 125 Tech MaxBL27 20



    Height:  46MM
    Outer Diameter:   38MM
    Inside Diameter:  14MM



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