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    12542 KOHLER POWER 253107
    12542 KOHLER POWER 253107


    Baldwin PA3890 HASTINGS AF2484 HIFI-FILTER SA 16291 KOHLER POWER 253107 SURE SFA3107 WIX(USA) 42404
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    KOHLER+Generator Sets    

    25REZG        3.0L 3000cc 183 CID
    30REZG        3.0L 3000cc 183 CID
    40ERES        4.3L 4300cc 262 CID
    40REZG        4.3L 4300cc 262 CID
    45ERES        4.3L 4300cc 262 CID
    45REZG        4.3L 4300cc 262 CID
    50ERES        5.0L 5000cc 305 CID
    50REZG        5.0L 5000cc 305 CID
    60ERES        5.7L 5700cc 348 CID
    60REZG        5.7L 5700cc 348 CID
    FAST RESPONSE 50 ROZJ        
    FAST RESPONSE 60 ROZJ        


    Height:  150MM
    Outer Diameter:   198MM
    Inside Diameter:  103/103MM

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