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    OE cross-reference[OIL FILTER FOR MOTOR CYCLE]

    May 18,2023 | Filters.news

    HONDA 15400-PLC-004 C-809
    HONDA 15410-426-000 O-T04A
    HONDA 15410-426-010 O-T04A
    HONDA 15410-KYJ-900 O-T10
    HONDA 15410-MB0-003 C-304
    HONDA 15410-MCJ-000 C-808
    HONDA 15410-MCJ-003 C-808
    HONDA 15410-MFJ-D01 C-808
    HONDA 15410-MJ0-000 C-304
    HONDA 15410-MJ0-003 C-304
    HONDA 15410-MM9-003 C-806
    HONDA 15410-MM9-013 C-806
    HONDA 15412-413-005 O-T03
    HONDA 15412-HM5-A10 O-T10
    HONDA 15412-KEA-003 O-T03
    HONDA 15412-KEA-305 O-T03
    HONDA 15412-KF0-000 O-T10
    HONDA 15412-KF0-010 O-T10
    HONDA 15412-KF0-020 O-T10
    HONDA 15412-KF0-315 O-T10
    HONDA 154A1-MA6-000 O-T03
    YAMAHA 1L9-13440-91 O-T05
    YAMAHA 1L9-13441-11 O-T05
    YAMAHA 36Y-13441-00 O-T04B
    YAMAHA 3FV-13440-00 C-806
    YAMAHA 3FV-13440-10 C-806
    YAMAHA 4D9-13440-00 O-T16
    YAMAHA 4X7-13440-01 O-T01
    YAMAHA 4X7-13440-10 O-T01
    YAMAHA 4X7-13440-90 O-T01
    YAMAHA 5D3-13440-00 O-T16
    YAMAHA 5D3-13440-01 O-T16
    YAMAHA 5DM-13440-00 C-317
    YAMAHA 5GH-13440-00 C-808
    YAMAHA 5GH-13440-20 C-808
    YAMAHA 5JW-13440-00 C-809
    YAMAHA 5JX-13440-00 O-T01
    YAMAHA 5RU-13440-00 O-T13
    YAMAHA 5TA-13440-00 O-T16
    YAMAHA 69J-13440-01 C-111
    SUZUKI 16500-45810 O-T06
    SUZUKI 16500-45820 O-T06
    SUZUKI 16510-03G00 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-03G00-X07 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-05240 O-T09
    SUZUKI 16510-06B00 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-06B01 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-06C00 O-T12
    SUZUKI 16510-07J00 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-25C00 O-T13
    SUZUKI 16510-29F00 O-T14
    SUZUKI 16510-34E00 C-T01
    SUZUKI 16510-35G00 O-T17
    SUZUKI 16510-38240 O-T15
    SUZUKI K1609-71072 C-808
    SUZUKI K5201-01053 O-T10
    KAWASAKI 16097-0002 C-808
    KAWASAKI 16097-0004 C-T02
    KAWASAKI 16097-1059 C-806
    KAWASAKI 16097-1063 C-806
    KAWASAKI 16097-1064 C-806
    KAWASAKI 16097-1067 C-806
    KAWASAKI 16097-1068 C-806
    KAWASAKI 16097-1070 C-808
    KAWASAKI 16097-1072 C-808
    KAWASAKI 16099-002 O-T07
    KAWASAKI 16099-003 O-T04
    KAWASAKI 16099-004 O-T08
    KAWASAKI 52010-1053 O-T10
    KAWASAKI 52010-S002 O-T13
    KAWASAKI 52010-0001 O-T17
    KAWASAKI K5201-00001 O-T17
    POLARIS 2540086 C-809